Eating Gods (EG)

Eating Gods (EG) Eating Gods within the days of old would be the creators, they’ve created blog, innovate and enhance something. Within the imperial courts these are typically strategist, law makers, and war equipment makers. Skills they have to exchange are their creativeness skill. Eating Gods are suggested to operate as artist, song authors, choreographers, … Read more

Direct Wealth

Direct Wealth (DW) Direct Wealth within the days of old is managers. They manage household, run a company, as well as in the imperial courts, those are the treasurer that manage the courts financial or even the food manager within the army and often Retailers. Skills they have to enhance are management techniques, including organisation … Read more

Indirect Wealth

Indirect Wealth (IW) Indirect Wealth within the days of old is generally retailers, explorer. They find or create possibilities for business and profits. Within the Imperial courts, they’re delivered to new territory to grow it influence while increasing internet worth financially. Skill they have to enhance is doing it. They’re good starter but bad finisher … Read more

BaZi Reading For your Luck and Wealth Analysis

  ***===>For details Bazi Reading will cost You only $50 USD<===*** This full BaZi reading will explain about : Your Strongest and Weakness element Your lucky years time Your Relationship with your Parents, Childern, Partner and Social environment. Your Money element Your Career path element Your Caracter Your Health potential problem Your fortune 10 years … Read more

5 Element on Bazi

1. Day master of WOOD elements for a MAN can be mean of: The meaning Wood are self, rival, friends or enemy The meaning Water are his mother, resources. The meaning Earth are a wife, Father, Wealth, Money. The meaning of Metal are children, Power, Status, Pressure, Authority. The meaning of Fire are output, intelligence, … Read more