Basic Fengshui

Secara umum, terkait Feng Shui, setiap Qi yang mengalir ke properti berasal dari lingkungan. Aturannya sederhana. Qi diciptakan oleh lingkungan alam, oleh karena itu ia harus berasal dari gunung dan sejenisnya. Jadi, apa itu Qi? Sederhananya, itu adalah energi yang dipancarkan oleh lingkungan alami, melalui fusi Yin (Gunung) dan Yang (Air). Qi disebut sebagai darah … Read more

BaZi Reading Skill

BAZI – DNA OF DESTINY Ba Zi,  dikenal oleh kalangan sebagai “ Empat Pilar Nasib”. Ia adalah satu sistim yang digunakan oleh orang tionghoa untuk memprediksi arus nasib individu. Sistim ini secara umun diterima sebagai paling otentik dan akurat dalam memprediksi nasib seseorang. Dimana ke Delapan karakter dalam Bazi menyimbolkan prinsip Yin danYang dari Lima … Read more

Direct Officers (DO)

Direct Officer (DO) DO within the days of old are court officer, they’re usually police or judge. They’re people who uphold law & orders. They fully trust procedures, Standard Operation Procedure (SOP), compliance, step-by-step process and consume a systematic approach. Skill they have to enhance is the ability of executing a method and increasing the … Read more

7 Killing (7K)

7 Killings (7K) 7K in the olden days is General, these people are task to expand or protect a country territory. They are brave, smart & decisive. Skill they need to enhance is the skill of of making decisions. Making decisions is the ability to follow through despite the odds or challenges without the loss … Read more

Direct Resources (DR)

Direct Sources (DR) DR within the days of old are Scholar, they study all subjects and therefore are political Consultant. They’ve very deep understanding within their expertise subject. Fundamental essentials people who prefer to study and could choose PHD level. Skill they have to learn would be to take actions, they need to realize that … Read more

Friends (F)

Friends (F) Friends in the olden days are lobbyists, they are diplomats send to others country to develop friendships. Skill they need to enhance is their communication skill & people handling skill. They are better to works as sales, news reader, radio presenter, HR manager, and negotiator

Rob Wealth (RW)

Rob Wealth (RW) RW within the days of old are spy, espionage. They’re send to other people country to understand, spy or steal information. The main reason they’re send as spy is the ability to adjust to situations and may manage all kinds of people. However nowadays RW is suggested to boost their leadership skill … Read more

Hurting Officer (HO)

Hurting Officer (HO) HO within the days of old are often performers, those are the opera performers, musicians. Within the Imperial courts, they’re usually the negotiator. Skills they have to enhance are performance skills and convincing or influencing skills. HO is suggested to operate as actor/actress, singers, and dancers or perhaps in the marketing department, … Read more